Kawa & Associates Services
We’ll give you every advantage the landlord has. Whether we are assisting you with a new lease or lease renewal, we'll first identify your company's unique set of needs, from building signage to after-hours HVAC to parking ratios. We will then examine the market and identify every possible building that meets your specific criteria. After we identify your top picks, we will begin a process of negotiation with the selected properties. Once we feel the landlords have proposed their best, competitive terms, together we will identify the best property, based on the objective and subjective criteria we set, and negotiate a lease document that fits your company's needs and use.
We'll always look out for your best interests first and we will never have a conflict of interest. Your financial and business goals are all that matter to us. The landlord has a broker looking out for his interests, not yours. You need a seasoned professional on your side of the table.

What we provide

Since 1986, Kawa & Associates has been providing multi-faceted expertise with commercial real estate transactions, including lease, purchase and disposition of office, industrial and retail property throughout Arizona.

General Services
• Lease vs. Buy Analysis
• Tenant representation on existing leases (renegotiations), new leases/relocations,
renewals, expansions and terminations Buyer representation on new and existing facilities
• Disposition of excess leased space through subleasing and lease terminations
• Disposition of excess owned real estate through sale or lease
• Development/Build to Suit
Financial Services Project management
Review of landlord’s operating expense pass-throughs, and recovery of overcharges
• Lease Administration - monitoring critical dates, and significant lease provisions

Specific Services

Before the move
• Thorough needs analysis
• Current lease/space audit
• Comprehensive property search
• Prequalification of all potential properties
• Comparative modeling and forecasting of occupancy/operating costs
• Expert lease review and negotiation
• Identification of tenant improvement costs, budgets and responsibilities tenant vs. landlord
• Support for construction of tenant improvements, including budgeting and team selection
After the move
• Renewal negotiations